Documentation of all arising activities in the organization is must for precise record keeping. These records are very much useful in internal planning and management of the company. Employees leave entitlement is such a section of significant working which helps project managers and especially HR managers to control the employee’s performance and leading presence in the company.

There are readily structured Excel entitlements templates are frequently used these days for this very purpose. These templates let you quickly plan the annual or term wise schedule of stated official leaves from the company planned for each individual employee.

The best of using these modern documentation means is that you avoid many complicated assessments, configurations and planning work apart from doing simple data placement into right sections. While using this pre-structured template, a project manager can easily plan out the leaves for even hundreds or thousands of employees working in the organization, using categorical distribution of workers into different categories. This help them summing up extensive work within shorter period of time.

Saliences of Employees Leave Entitlement Template

Usually the major concern of a project manager is to plan and issue a total charter document containing set of instructions and policy outline. This chapter includes the segment of official annual holidays and leaves for employees. While recording all the certain reasons and justifications for annual working schedule, it is very much important.

This activity of entitlement let the schedule planner or any other concerned person to categorize the leaves. It is not possible for a schedule planner wrap up for each individual employee about his absentees and presence. Therefore accordingly to company policy, leave entitlement helps classifying various prominent reasons of leaves which are applicable to all designated positions of the company as per stated policy. Following are some of the major entitlements of leaves stationed for all the employees and junior workers of an organization;

  • Annual Leaves

These are attained on annual basis, quantity is decided by the company and employees can utilize these leaves at any stage of the working year as per their settlement

  • Personal or Compassionate Leaves

These are the leaves subjected instantly due to uncertain reasons such as sickness or accidental engagement of an employee

  • Public Holidays

These are observed on notational level due to any national association or affiliation of an event to the national circle

  • Paid Parental Leaves

These leaves are acquired by the deduction of salary as per commitment between supervisor and employee due to any personal reason of employee

  • Community Service Leave

This is another major entitlement of leaves under recently deployed national employees’ standards in various countries. These leaves are opted for any community service comprising of individual roles.

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