Automated schedule is almost required in every industry helping you achieved production targets and planning shot of movie efficiently. Excel production schedule template, in ready to use format is available here. Master production schedule template excel ensures that it can be used for any industry including event management, construction industry and for companies production planning.

Before any movie is released, there is lot of effort and long term scheduling process behind it as well as capital investment amount.

Where to Download Template?

Excel Production Schedule Template (Movie) Format

Wastage of resources are common, if not planned in advance, therefore here a template is available for you. Let’s take a look at its format:

  • Film schedule time duration: once the initial production is set up, it is time for final film schedule including time frame for it. Time targeted for completing the movie is decided and mentioned.
  • Title, shooting dates: here the stages are mentioned for the movie, like idea development, story writing and backgrounds music. Shooting dates for the specific stage is mentioned here and act upon as added.
  • Company/place: each scene and shot is decided at specific location and it is mentioned here. Booking of the place and stage set up are another stage of production scheduling.

Cast: here all the actors and actresses for the specific stage are added here. It does include background dancers, singers and any other persons required for the scene.



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