First of all before getting production planning format in Microsoft excel, understand about some essential features and technical aspect. Like “First priority” “Order information” Infinite Work center etc. You have to check all bugs before working on it, OP start to Op end, Rescheduling to operation information about project planning. Hourly/Block to Gantt chart configuration and link information.

Starting date to end date is very important for calculating time-duration and effectiveness of performance through Gantt chart. You can also add column for “OP Earlier Late” in this case. Actually sometime it’s very important to evaluate any team performance through this sheet. So you can easily elaborate and judge output efficiency after a look.

Production Plan Format in Excel

So let’s start in Excel 2010 version, it doesn’t mean this can’t create in other 2007 or 2003 version, this is simple document. I just starting in 2010 due to compatibility factor. First of all you open Excel and reset space for it. First three row are free for heading than after row are free for adding other details regarding production management templates.

Make sure you already attach Bar chart for getting idea about each task been done in entire project planning phase.

Financial aspect you shouldn’t forgot for further evaluation in creating financial plan, or other accountancy ledger or sales management. Some of items you need to be calculating are;

  • No of field Officers
  • Under Area of Product
  • Production Miscellaneous Expenses details
  • Duration of Lease of Land
  • Other Operational Coast

Excel Production Schedule Template

Spreadsheet Planning of Production Template

Online documentation is always be a perfect selection to any project manager, now if you are preparing this document on Online Google Docs Spreadsheet. Than it’s very good is a regarding keep connect with other member and manager about this. You don’t need to send this draft via E-mail other compatibility issues regarding the difference of versions.

Actually Spreadsheet lack sophisticate forecasting algorithms, so company’s problems regarding managing their inventory through increasing demand and supply. Mostly planning software are lack many things which needed companies badly. No all business especially smaller one afford expensive software like “SAP” or other ERP system of scheduling operation automatically. Companies are looking to some other advance technology for not only managing production field, but also other sort of planning within department.

 Production Management and Excel Format

These excel samples isn’t only to use create other documentation, but also isn’t require for you to save data in different zone. Some android application for project management also been used to remember about next particular task and planning of any project in a professional manner.

In addition, there are some other system companies been using Excel Format of Production Planning. Through ERP system evaluation or vendors, JDE, ERP system, Lawson accounting software, Quick Tools of project management. This is fact, which you can’t get everything in any software, you have to scarify something.


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