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For the monitoring purpose in business, there are certain tools available in business planning and management genre that can depict the actual and instant growth of your project apart from regular physical monitoring. There are certain tools available like MS Office, Plant Tree methods and many others which tell you about the consecutive operational beasts coming through your way and their analogue effect on the business plan or project.

In this post I will discussing brief on importance of Gantt chart in project management, compatible formatting in Microsoft excel 2010 and 2007 and various other about spreadsheet and templates management.

By using certain templates, you can evaluate the daily task completion in certain easy modes which tell you the whole story in one glance. Doing so, you can have strict hand on the whole business section and you can mark valuable decision to improve efficiency when any of the bad sectors is raised in the operations. I recently publish a post regarding creating Gantt chart manually in any Google docs spreadsheet, so in this way you can manually adjust column, height, width and percentage of tasks.

Excel Gantt chart Templates and Spreadsheet

Project management watch reduces the factors of business destructions and collapse in the project accomplishment which reduces the fear of failure in your way. Regular analyses of activities at labor and working fronts, holds the resource wastage on the right time without paying any extra costs of achievement in the business. Excel project management templates is another tool, some people confused regarding both of these tool.

Now without prolonging the discussion from any extra and controversial debate, let’s come to the point of interest, which is about a very useful tool available in MS Excel for project management and evaluation on regular duration.

Activity Starting Date Ending Date Gantt Bar Chart
SEO/SEM/SMM 15/8/2013 15/3/2014 …………………………..
Web Designing 15/8/2013 15/3/2014 …………
Functional Diagnosis 15/8/2013 15/2/2014 …………………………………
Content Writing 15/8/2013 15/4/2014 ……………..
Final output 15/8/2013 15/5/2014 ………………………

What is Gantt Bar chart?

Before using templates you must understand what is Gantt chart is the tool, which is based on the graphical and bar chart mode of representation and it tells the exact analyses about the proclaimed developments and task completions from various levels of employees in the organization. All you need to do is to compose the most suitable magnitude of chart in MS Excel and insert all the existing operational fields in a business project.

Then you need to enter the daily input of task completion for the assessment of efficiency and sorting out the wastage factors in whole of your project activity. This tool explains the total situation in one glance and allows you to configure the desired changes in working strategy without complex calculations and typical anatomy of decision in your planning conferences.

Excel Gantt chart Templates

Gantt chart Usage in Business Project

It can be use for several jobs in the business. A chart idea can work for both managerial outlook and labor front of your business. It can give the tentative output measure from your managerial panel of employees and it readily shows the less efficient and low effective workers of organization by a simply orientation in graphical mode and the right depiction of their performance comes in front of you as you marinate their work potential in the graph input.

Gantt chart templates can help you to assess the feasibility of more than one option available in business and by setting the graphical representation of extended outputs of different working strategies you can have a fair comparison between certain methodologies.

Excel Gantt chart Templates and Spreadsheet 2010


Advantages of Gantt chart in Project Planning

It gives the computational and justified evaluation of work performance and in project planning; you can assess the fair output in different scenarios which can be useful to choose the best plan of accomplishment for any specific job. It can help you to accommodate the best solution through comparative analyses and you can deplore the righteous working plan.

There are many other hidden advantages of using this tool;

  • Manage all team tasks in one sheet
    Just one time understanding about Gantt chart
    Assign multiple projects at one time in any particular spreadsheet
    Easy to manage records

Source:- WikiPedia

Using Gantt chart excel templates fop project management is a great way regarding minimized efforts and increase project efficiency. Recently PMI conduct a professional Project management certification seminar training, focus on these technical tools for re-shape project in well professional manner and minimize financial budget cost.


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