Interactive plans are required when dealing with multiple projects and therefore managers are well aware of the product development stages and plans required. Excel software is considered useful as it make this process simpler. Resource demand planning templates are also part of these sheets and resources availability affects the product development as well as ongoing projects. This ensures better outcomes of actions and make product positioning more effective, which is possible through software’s availability for all. For example like product backlog in agile template process.

Although these functions are required by all business whether small or large enterprises, however some limitations are common for all these businesses. Whenever any product is launched in the market, these is set of activities planned for its successful launching plan, therefore excel software make these processes flexible.

Product Development Plan

Excel Software of Product Development Plan Features

Some of the best listed sheets added here make this process easy and effective for the managers having responsibility for its successful launching:

Agile Project Development Sheet: simple business review techniques are differentiated from specific product or when specific difficulty is faced. Dynamic challenging timelines are faced as it shows what fame has already been gained by products in the initial days of launch.

Product Positioning Template Plan: this involves strategies which can make product well known and therefore identifying testing activities is easy. Primary plans and secondary plans are also based on this information.

Burn Down Chart Template in Excel: software with these charts are loved by users as product fame in the specific region can be seen easily. Statistics showing product positioning in positive or negative can be seen. Some useful template is available on

Phases of Development project Plan

Development phase of the product usually required more patience and hardworking and once it has become choice of the targeted audience, making it fame in other areas are automatic. Excel software are therefore preferred choice of the product managers.


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