In this post, you will get some examples of expense Cost Benefit Analysis Template, which directly or indirectly depends on your system. Looking for calculating your financial budget. MS Excel (Calculation) base template is used mostly for accountants for these purposes.

It’s very easy to manage expense sheets or cost-benefit analysis template after getting statistics from past company records or predicted cost expectations. After this analysis, you can get an exact estimation of capital investment over predicted expenses.

  1. Usually use for creating profit and Loss statement account
  2. Effective for business case route analysis & Initiation project planning
  3. Cost justification template create through this
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Normally this analysis been used to take the non-critical financial decisions, there are no factors involving in it like internal rates of return, course of action regarding any decision, alternative options and other internal or external factors.

Sometime to finding Gap analysis between Costing and other expenditures with benefit or profit, so this template could act as a handy tool for you.

Key features Cost Benefit Analysis Template Excel

This system has normally been used in labor-management departments or construction projects, where a little bit of expenditure or operating cost creates a major difference.

For example, you decided to invest your capital budget in some sort of business, so what to do before getting an estimation of profit & loss. This system can easily help you to manage documentation or used other methodological tools.

Risk-Benefit Assessment Template

Microsoft office has been serving the corporate sector for the last many decades. Based on their handy and excessively available tools and products.

Cost Benefit Analysis Template

They have majorly dominated almost all the corporate companies which use their product and side accessory tools for the official documentation, calculations, computations, evaluations, and assessments over various project components and their relevant outcomes due to project management.

One majorly captured area is of official documentation at any level which requires proper format and style to write and document. Project management is one such section of project handling which carries all these sub-portions under its surveillance and tackling becomes more difficult without the proper or ineffective use of these tools.


Cost justification decisions are now taken successfully with the help of simple template in excel using word and excel tools available here for business owners. Reports and letters can now easily be formulated using a specific format available here in these templates.

Different sorts of internal documents are used in firms and businesses for better organization and control practices. Written permission is granted before utilizing money on some project to the project manager and other persons require money in business premises.

Money is taken as a loan from the bank or from other financial bodies therefore it is important to realize key indicators associated with the cost. Usually, money is asked to make some sort of investment, however, the person granting permission is looking for the variables and elements which ensure returning back of the money.

How to Create Cost Benefit Template in Excel?

Complete analysis with product enrollment checklist, this is preliminary planning before developing the product cycle.

  1. Implementation: Template designed for cost justification consisted of this heading including planning costs in it.
  2. Contract labor, internal implementation labor, capital costs are filled with units required and extended units require.
  3. Ongoing costs are also added consisting of the maintenance contract and operational costs.
  4. The monthly cost required is therefore calculated and showed in the template.

Cost-Benefit Report

This report is visualized by a person who is granting permission by signing out this report. This is therefore formulated including all the risks which can cause a problem in returning back of this cost.

Time scheduled for returning back as well as earning opportunities are added in the report. This ensures realistic functional decisions to be taken by senior management.

Once a template is selected for outlining report or letter to show the amount of money being utilized on specific project fundamental costs can be compared with avoidable costs which ensure less expense incurring on a specific project or investment program. Simple justifications templates are available free of charge for you.


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