It’s soft project management solution to compile a work in professional shape. I recently discussed about what is Gantt chart? How to Use it? Now in this post I will solve your problem regarding linked or manage Gantt toll with goggle docs spreadsheet easily. Google recently added this toll gadget in doc’s spreadsheet for looking more interacting and professional looking.

For reminder, it’s a horizontal illustration bar show about % of completion of any assigned tasks. You don’t need to study entire details of statistics. Just place in front of tasks of any project plan.

It’s an automatically work tool, you can’t change it manually. You just add this gadget in front of time line scale to show graphically view in detail.

Gantt Chart Google Doc

Gantt chart linked Google Docs Spreadsheet

Scheduling any project is very important, and this is a very much useful online tool for identify completed tasks against percent completed, and track dependencies.

It’s also a business tracking tool to monitor activities of any project. No of member within a team can use it according to listed their task in a particular project.

How to create Gantt tool With Google spreadsheet?

In this Image you can analyze and identify some fact in spreadsheet document, although every project nature is dissimilar from other but during linked this project through Google docs you must remember these steps.

Unique ID Tasks Start Date End Date completed Dependency

1 Site Design       09/02/2013          08/09/2013         100%         7 2.13
2 SEO                     10/10/2013           25/06/2014         45%            5 3.14
3 SEM                    10/10/2013           25/06/2014         35%            4 2.19

This is a numerically illustration foe any project tasks, if you attach Gantt chart gadget in this project than it will be show like that.

Gantt chart google spreadsheet

  • Advantages of Presenting Project Like that
  • Create professional oriented Image
  • Easy to maintain with spreadsheet document
  • Easily edit and share online within team members

If you still confused and find out the procedure than click the like here, you can easily know about the fundamental procedure of Gantt chart creating with Google spreadsheet.


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