To keep you informed and making tracking easy the status for each of the task, sub tasks and detailed tasks is available in this excel worksheet as well.

  • For each of the tasks and sub tasks add the status for them in this column.
  • Status can be completed, in progress or not started.
  • You are able to color them as well.

Start date & end date

  • Now enter the start and end date for the tasks in column C & D.
  • If the task is not started yet, leave the columns blank.
  • If the task is in progress add the starting date and leave the end date blank.

Assigned to

Person given the responsibility for the specific task must be added here.

Add the whole team members or the responsible person here.

% complete

To better track the task timeline and leftover time in delivery % complete column is available here. Add the % complete for each of the tasks.


To record additional details and add any further information comments column is available as well. Add the single line or more according to your needs and requirements.

With project management templates, you are able track and identify the opportunities for quick accomplishments of your tasks and therefore the project deliver is on time.

Ideas for top project management templates in 2018

With this template, some of the top templates for project management include:

  • Project risk template
  • Project tracker template
  • Gantt chart template
  • Issue tracker template

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