Looking at an elegant project development bar might seems relaxing and mind comforting, yet providing the instant update on project completion and project development would cast the real challenges. In this post, I will offer to download project status report templates in Microsoft excel for project management. Mostly manager utilized this for managing monthly, weekly budget and review performance.

While supervising the grown portions of project work distribution, developing a synchronization pattern among the various endpoint tasks requires a set of certain skills that breaks out into perforations in the strength of the project before its completion.

There are many project management excel templates being used by professional managers for managing stock, different project tasks, and other employees’ details. Recently Microsoft launch surface technology for easy project management work.

  1. Weekly Project Status report
  2. Generate Reporting (Financial + Project Management)

There are other authoritative platforms in the organization which keeps a check to both managerial and working front ends in the operations and project compilation.

Without managing the status report, it’s difficult to organized entire work. That is why Microsoft creating this tool in Excel format. Setting up the pre-defined guidelines for working is the easiest of all methods to stray the correct working procedure and error-free line in the activities of the company, yet who assures the aridness in following those procedures and patterns timely with precision and no degree of time laps flaws.

Microsoft Excel Status Report Templates

Project management, therefore, holds an important element of project status updates which states the instant development on every loop of project junctions and defines the real strategy to opt with challenges. It relies on real customer policy and takes into account no chance for mistakes and ruptures in the accommodated work.

The project detail is the interval review on the various spot in process and they are current extant of completion with any parallel existing misbalance end.  PS is inducted in accordance with a fixed pattern of steps to follow.

  1. Managing Weekends Tasks
  2. Simple, specific and concise
  3. Summarize project details through some charts
  4. High-level management choice
  5. Saving time and human resource

Project Status Report Template

Key Elements of Project Tracking Report

There are some obvious factors which you need to add in the project status report for the formal presentation of the report that realizes for some helping professional excel templates.

1-      Financial position

Stating the financial position with the rigid reference of financial statements of project, you can claim a satisfactory monitoring pulp on your project which is always strengthening to the potential of stakeholders. Encouraging financial statements to define the foretasted success indexes for the planners to keep on objective high.

Download Status Report Template

2-      Project Schedule  

The second important thing to add is the schedule of your project which your workforce is deliberately following to proceed towards the successful completion of your project. The magnitude and profile analyses of your task team refer to the potential of the deployed squad and tell how precisely they are approaching their target.

3- Gantt Chart Excess 

You can also add these tracking templates with your gantt scheduling charts for a better understanding about the status of the current report.

3-      Evident Risks And Issues In The Project And Their Instant Outfits On The Business

There is always a possibility of risks and failure to induce a bad hormone to your project which eventually develops as a cause of project collapse and failure.

Now depending upon your strategy to mark an evident spot of closing all possible sources for these bugs to hit your working momentum is clearly depicted through your status report which tells about how effectively you have faced the previous haunting challenges and how accurately you have aimed the forthcoming hurdles in your project accomplishment.

4-      Summary

Later, concluding your piled up report with a briefly edged summary containing a short note on every highlighted development in the project and meaningful endings of big and vast threads of the task, telling clearly how you have done with the complex step order in your project.

As a manager, I advise all regarding using excel project status report templates for compiling their efforts in a minimum time-span.




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