For every business and project you are running or supervising, entering and recording the activities in right mode and right time are very necessary. Now falling apart the correction boundaries always damages the run through of your project as it procures the stock of problems in the future planning and sometimes in the current phase of working. Why managers use tracking tool like excel templates for monitoring their business activities? The main goal of this is to achieve maximum output at the end of the year.

For business leads every manager utilized some unique ways like these tracking templates. No matter the project style is of manufacturing, trading, retailing or whole selling, the revenue you generate is directly associated with the sales of your product or services you offer. As stretched is the list of your customers as you can, more you are happy to receive greater margins and good profit index.

Microsoft Excel Tracking Templates for Business Leads

No one ever wants to adapt unnecessary tensions and ruptures in his working just for the sake of few small and wrong entries in the general records of business. So avoiding such pulmonary hexing and unwanted record mismanagement always requires you to settle with perfect record keeping with some useful tracking tool to have the brief and elaborated view about every single activity of your business.

Since we have discussed earlier, that sales are the most important sector of your business and tracking the right record of what has gone and what has to go yet is very necessary. For this reason, there are various software and hardware registration tools available in the project management source market, out of which is the one very common, MS Excel.

MS Excel can help you to track your sales

Using MS Excel spreadsheet, you can track the defect less record of your sales which is a common practice in general trading market. You can make the suitable size of spreadsheet with desired segments of activities involve in your business processing and then marking the achieved targets, can make the job easier for you. Now let’s discuss the detailed tutorial about how you can monitor and track your sales on regular bases without any misconception and record malfunctioning

1-      Make an Excel spreadsheet and create the heading with titles of serial number, price per unit and payment compilation

2-      After every sale, you can note down the entry with the due serial number and then mark activity done with its total worth.

3-      Apply the sum up formula that generates you the net worth of sales done yet

4-      Excel tracking templates helps project manager to achieve target within planned time-span.

5-      You can also create a column of sales which can mark the exact name of products sold, this will make the game further easier for you to understand

6-      Apart from the current sales sheet for a particular period or day, you can create another sheet on parallel bases which can keep the timely record of net activity done on one side.

7-      That sheet can have the headings of cost per unit, sales done in the whole era and net worth of business done for a specific time interval which can tell you about the exact value of revenue generated yet.

Without monitoring your data it’s impossible to correct error for subsequent planning, mostly manager hire professional team for track every financial to resource daily based performance data and arrange through these templates in to graphical presentation like Gantt chart.

Excel Spreadsheet

So using these techniques in the excel spreadsheet, you can create the non-objectionable record of the net worth of your revenue which would be readily available to tale with any other record in case of record mismatching. Business tracking excel templates is the handy practice for organizing schedule plan through financial planning to final closure stage.


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