Looking for track the multiple projects template? In this post i’m showing some example of “EXCEL” base regarding project tracking and get monthly to weekly report.

Here you can free download status reporting project management tool for documentation and been work according to specific tasks requirement.

Project reporting daily or monthly regarding budget expense and other financial statistic must shown to manager for keep project in active condition and live.

Complete Expense/Budget Tracking Status 

Complete setting of particular project against member of team with define budget. Any risk factor must address and take action against it. Every decision mark as approve or pending status with front of individual project.

Before the provisional implementation of comprehensive project management approaches, there was no proper mechanism to conduct and report the task as well as to deliver the feedback to employee.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Project Reporting Daily or Monthly Pattern

Now since the implementation of project management all over the globe, this system has forced every organization to create a mechanism of working and making a structure of organization so prime which remains with no more complications.

Multiple Project Tracking Templates

There are many MS excel template for track the multiple projects as well as organize effort of executing the task within teams.

This organized system basically creates proper channel of communication and reporting which instantly meet to the real point of interest. Instead of waiting for long weeks and days, this setup creates a platform of reporting everything to one person ahead, managing all things single highhandedly.

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