Recently there has been a wild boom in the software industry and other freelancing lines in Pakistan. People prefer to work at their independent working space where a common interest lies in the surrounding. People are looking for mutual work stands and places where people of common and varied interests work together. Keeping in view this requirement of professional socialization and surrounding support from the environment, an initiative has been taken by the expert field operators.

Office space, a co-working space is an organization that provides fully facilitated office culture and working space to the people who work as freelancer and even for those companies which hire external space for their employees. In office space, the organization provides a comfortable and calm working atmosphere aided with all the basic requirements of a professional office setup. Registered and enrolled clients are supposed to carry their work station and get their seat, rest all what is needed, is provided by the Office Space inside.

Coworking Pakistan

Recently Build Setup of Co-working in Lahore Pakistan

Shared space is a new trend leaping in the IT and freelance industry where people from different fields of life are target to develop common interest with the people of different interests. There are certain benefits of Shared spaces, which are not entirely governed by one company or one working border. Instead people with different professional back ground work independently over their contracts and sitting in the common environment helps them in the sharing of ideas and develop common interest with others.

This kind of working trend specially suits entrepreneurs and freelancers who are at the initial stage of their working and avoid hiring a complete setup on their responsibility. Some common and salient benefits of Shared spaces are stated as below;

Co-working space helps building a pathway for professional socialization and professional interaction

  • It helps sharing the responsibility of office maintenance and other job roles which may acquire some extra time and diverting the attention from main focused task.
  • This working space carries all the benefits that you can enjoy at your independent working space.
  • Freelancers, entrepreneurs and even employed workers can enjoy and office environment with similar punctualities and discipline.
  •  These co-working spaces reduce the cost of capital investment rather building everything from scratch on one’s behalf.

Office Space is the First One to Offer Co-Working Space

Office Space is the first company providing this unique and excellent idea of co-working space in Lahore. We are initially operating in Lahore City, on a very prime location that feasible to approach and access from all around the city. Cavalry Ground! A renowned and prime most area of Lahore City is the first start up location where we are providing co-working space for people.

We charge reasonable amount for providing all the office facilities at one place, catering your entire requirement at your first step. Clients working here are pretty comfortable and calm about the atmosphere and other facilities. Office Space is fully furnished and readymade work space for the people, where air conditioned, fully back-up empowered office space provides you a contended area for working, allowing you to come, share, develop and grow on your part.

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