Monitoring progress is quite simpler if you are using open source templates added here using excel tool. Calendar sheets templates and vacation tracking templates are also designed by professionals for your help.

As a supervisor in the company over specific number of employees or if you are a manager at a contact center you are required to monitor and observe employees behavior towards work. For this various sort of techniques are adopted by managers. Check out Action plan template excel format, for employee progress monitoring.

Usually manager and supervisor are answerable for the workers under him and for the objectives and goals given to him. The progress is tracked on daily basis or weekly or monthly basis as per the policy of the manager. Therefore choosing a specific template is dependent on the time period which you are choosing to track progress.

Format of Open Source Excel Progress Monitoring Template

2016 calendar sheet: it is important to determine the off days and vacations in the start of year to make calendar for the year for the company. The distribution if goals are dependent on this.

  • Vacation tracking template: to reduce labor turnover in the company vacation tracking templates are formulated using excel templates by showing employees taking leaves and reasons for these vacations.
  • Schedule and planning templates: goals and targets are often set and given to the employees in the company setting time limit for them using open source software.

Planning templates used by managers are helpful for specific project as time duration of the specific project can be observed as well as the required resources for the project. Issues and their damage percentage can be added and determined through these templates.

Excel Budget Templates

While working on a project it is important to keep the costs under control as decided in the budget process. If you are working on a project according to budget and accomplishing it as set various promotions and bonuses can be enjoyed by you. This is possible through excel progress templates of various sort available here.


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