Ability to observe key indicators of project helps out in planning and monitoring stage of project management. Initiation stage of the project has direct impact on the output and the other stages of the project. Check out PMP certification changes in 2016, what course manual and study?

To achieve objectives of project and to come up with desired output management and planning process plays a major role in it.

Assigning budget is common for particular project however it is set by owner or project head by keeping in mind the major and minor costs incurred during a specific project. However staying within the limit is practice of successful project managers and it is respected and appreciated by senior management. To avoid extra undesirable costs are therefore should be avoided to work within the assigned budget.

PMP Certification Changes 2016

Types of PMP certification Changes 2016

Different certification courses are outlined and prepared by professionals in the field by keeping in mind multiple situations and multiple traits required in professional manager. However coming up with an idea that certification programs can be learned and taken by people from different parts of the globe these programs had been laid out:


  • It usually focuses on introducing and improving a trait of project managers to deal with multiple projects at time.
  • Effective leadership ensures better control in the working procedures.
  • Whether the traits has already been present in project manager it is important to aware of the fact that how to apply them in the project.


  • Understanding the goal of company is essential to identify plans and to carry out operations to achieve them.
  • The managers adopted this type of certification program become expert in reducing the difference between expected and targeted work.
  • Understanding the project goal is therefore easy and jobs can be assigned by understanding the expectation of customers.

For more information about update go to official site PMI and update about changes in 2016.


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