So it’s very difficult to record manually every little transaction or payment procedure, in banking system without utilization some tool of project management, it’s very difficult to draft each and every thing, so in bank reconciliation you need some planner, so in this post I will give you an example of how to record these accountancy details via online of any other tool of Excel by Microsoft.

Every manager doesn’t want to get trouble at the end of the month due to these un-professional things, mostly bigger Bank have some expensive system for record and handle data in a flawless system like “SAP” “Supply chain Management” but many small business or bank can’t afford that system. This tool may helps you in sales action plan or making invoice or cash receipt template.

Bank Reconciliation Statement Example

Before preparing document make sure about viewing some example layout design in particular specific format. There are many things need to be consider in it for making it professionally and keep record live at any time. Review another post that’s about bank reconciliation statement format.

Project manager especially accountant understand about the importance of this sheet, for record balance sheet, general ledger accounts and other expense details add in this sheet.

Professional Bank Reconciliation Statement Example

Essential Features of Reconciliation Statement

As a small business owner you make sure some details in it, like balance as per bank statement, outstanding and previous cheques and cash amount, unpaid chaques, unverified amount, unreachable amount (sender name and bank branch No), outstanding lodgements etc.

Many companies make some professional layout example template at some cost in various in Excel or Microsoft word format. Manager just needs to track payment procedure internal or external system via some efficient system for minimizing error or other discrepancies.

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