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Looking for some Raw material stock control template in MS Excel format? It lies in “Inventory Category” you must manage daily stock for reporting, otherwise, it’s difficult to manage bulk stock with particular date and time. Mostly business especially product development warehouses specially design some template or software for managing daily stock with an expiry date for reporting to further authority.

What is Raw Stock Register?

Raw stock term, usually using in inventory management for collection and process of RAW material. Most stocktake maintenance companies are using templates/software for tracking and record of stock take.

Either you are managing office inventory management or production stock management in warehouse -Must require register in excel or other formats.

What Business Most use Raw Stock Register?

Almost every stock maintain companies are using this register.

  1. Warehouse
  2. Superstore
  3. Production scheduling companies

Businesses like Fisk farming, dairy industry, and other foods relate items need special consideration regarding stock management. It’s some of the Stock management templates, you can use this template for keeping an entire RAW material record.

This is some kind of Register helping the manager to enter their daily data for desire monthly reporting of inventory. You can check stock register before downloading this Excel Sheet.

The stock register isn’t required proper attention due to the flexibility of Excel formulas, once you put formula in a particular row or column, then it will be automatically calculated stock against particular assign date.

Quick Facts:

  1. You can manage this sheet of Excel according to your company
  2. Warehouse inventory stocktake management
  3. Personal Raw material Stock management
  4. Add a sheet to Bill register
  5. Update sheet for dashboard reporting & Management

Material Stock Register Format in Excel

If you are talking about format than it’s very easy to manage.


Step 1 (Inventory ID)

First of all, you create special “ID”, which you can use to track particular stock items in thousands of lists. You must save this ID in another sheet against a particular stock Name.

Step 2 (Inventory Name)

Name of the stock item must place in next column

Step 3 (Description)

The description is although isn’t compulsory, in some cases, you must explain particular item detail. In the next column enter particular stock “Unit Price”.

Step 4 (Quantity of Stock & values)

No of stock quantity, you can also sort it out accordingly, in next you must mention each item market value in US dollars.

Step 5 (Recorder Lever, Time in Days)

Recorder level with time in days is adjusted in the next section.


You can also edit this template with more sections according to your choice. Further custom changes you can request us “TrainingAble” for the professional template.

  1. Daily Stock Control Report
  2. Stock Portfolio Performance
  3. Stationery Stock Control

Raw Material Stock Register is a simple but effective template for small businesses. You can request us more professional inventory stock template by order.

Download:- Inventory list1

Note: For more information about Raw stock management, you can contact TrainingAble team. We will also send you an exact template in your Email Box.


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