Looking for HR manager template like recruitment tracker template excel format? Here is one of the most popular software in the market with lots of employee tracking abilities. The online system keeps saving/record your data of applicants resume.

You can collect and save thousand of applicant data with their current job performance status easily, also identify the source where he/she receive your application of interview.

Recruitment Tracker Template Excel

Very useful Hr manager tool for collecting of employees on a larger scale. For the final interview, you can select candidates easily and keep track for another job availability.

  1. Just refresh and view current job applicants status
  2. View sources (Job placement cell, social media, newspaper)
  3. Track country and current location
  4. Addition of subcategories, which suits employee

Awesome dashboard reminds you, how many you already selected? How many job allocation needed employees? what skill require and wherein an industry?

Features of Recruitment Tracker

You can also create a job interview form and send through this software, or remind you of your different CEO and project manager, who need that skilled staff.

For more information about recruitment tracker template excel, comment us and download the free trial version of Microsoft Excel sheet.


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