Looking for daily reporting and analysis tools for a particular industry i.e (Hotel & Restaurant). In this post, I will discuss how to manage the restaurant daily sales reporting template in Ms excel format? You can easily find out daily to monthly expenses and profit through this template without any other buying software.

There is much software or cloud base software base on .Net and other PHP languages for managing the overall system. But due to expensive mostly small business operators can’t afford (Monthly subscription).

You can easily calculate monthly expense and profit through this template, which helps in financial project management.

  1. Hotel to Restaurant Daily Sales Reporting
  2. Expense Budget planning 
  3. Finance forecasting summarizes reporting
  4. Start-up Business to Running Business unit
  5. Ask for More template Examples

Creating Restaurant Daily Expense Budget Template

Let’s make custom template “Step By Step”

Step 1

One column is for mentioning the number of items of a product that is sold to the customer.

Step 2

The second column is for mentioning the name of the product that is sold to the customer.

Step 3

The third column contains the unit price of the product, the fourth column contains the discounts that you may offer on the sale of a product.

Step 4

Similarly, you can mention other details or comments in the next columns.

Restaurant Sales Reporting Template

Final Invoice to Customer

In this regard, the total price of the products and the amount paid by the customer is necessary to be mention in it. Customer Invoice should initiate for calculating product and service been use. Check out also restaurant inventory template.

You can give titles to the columns and can prepare a general format in which details of no product is written.

Then, you can print many copies of it and can use the copies as sales reporting slips. You can use each copy as a sales invoice and can use carbon paper while filling each invoice in order to create a carbon copy of each invoice. One carbon copy can be kept by you and one by the customer.


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