This module is specifically useful and required in project management. Viewing the current work operation and available resources can be identified. Therefore distribution and scheduling is easy and accurate. Here i publish post of changes exam of PMP certification, for more info click here.

Planning is practiced in different departments of the company however this has a fundamental effect on the production therefore this module is very useful for the internal purposes of organization.

Sap Sales And Distribution (Sd)

As the name implies this module made the sales and distribution process easy and effective. Checking markets and pricing proposals from different vendors and sellers can be analyzed from each corner to choose a most suitable person. Transportation costs can be observed as well as costs of shipping and other related factors like time which have a effect on the sales cycle can be observed and improved.

Sap Production (Pp)

Production budgets are prepared and followed in usually every size of business. a software helping out companies to effectively plan and schedule production cycle is required in business by analyzing other factors directly or indirectly affecting production. Planning and demand can be observed by managers before start working on a particular project by using this software.

Sap Certification Modules

Sap Quality Management (Qm)

A product can be accepted or rejected by customers or company who has given a project due to two main factors. One of this is quality of the product therefore quality control has fundamental importance in the business.

Some Business professionals recommend portfolio management professional training before doing that.

Projects are worked on however one of the focusing points for project managers is to analyze quality which can be ensured from effectively in working operations and raw material used.


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