Stock Portfolio Analysis in Excel Spreadsheet

Stock Portfolio Analysis in Excel Spreadsheet is mostly used by those companies who are listed with the Karachi stock exchange. If your company is listed with the stock exchanges so that, you should manage the stock in other language shares of the company.

Business major objective basically is that to increase their share price so that its investors can satisfy with its profits or EPS (Earnings Per Share) will increase in result. Therefore, it is very mandatory to manage the stock or share of your company. And as well as have information of all other companies share value and changes in their prices as well.

Types of Articles/Template TrainingAble Has

Excel template empowers you to enter your stock portfolio, including stock name and amount, into a table and will compute everything from rate change and aggregate esteem change to P&L change. The format additionally includes a pie outline, where you can have a decent visual about your portfolio and how very different stock are filling your speculations.

The present benefits and misfortunes are appeared in a slick bar diagram, where you get a general perspective of each stock’s current execution.

Benefit to use Stock Portfolio Analysis in Excel

You can track all of the stock investments and their prices because it is linked with the web browser of yahoo finance so you can get updates from yahoo finance about the stocks.

You can do just these 4 simple steps to check or analyze the stock portfolio.

  1. First of all, you must maintain or create an excel sheet. And set it up.
  2. Then secondly, you must add or enter all the stock symbols into this sheet.
  3. Thirdly, the most important step is that you can import the data of present stock by using the web browser of yahoo finance.
  4. Refresh the sheet of web browser to update stock prices revise them.

How To use:

There are 3 sections inn this template to fill out:

  • Portfolio sheet
  • Example
  • Indices

1-Portfolio Sheet

The portfolio sheet is basically a setup sheet in which you are require to set up the stock portfolios for instance the stock symbols. And this sheet performs the dashboard functions as well. Because it is the platform where you can see the portfolios details. You can get all the relevant information about the stock and stock prices there. This sheet template links with the macros functions that can be used for the technical implementations of excel sheet in the stock portfolio.


In the example sheet you can see all the data daily functions here. There is a description about the every function and detail in a handsome amount. As you can see in the template.

Stock Portfolio Analysis in Excel Spreadsheet

3- Indices sheet

Indices sheet is the last sheet in this template that contains the information about the indices and prices of overall stocks available and the symbols are shown. You can see the overviews of the different symbols of difference company’s stocks so, you can click on the on the one and that organizations information in the dashboard by linking the web query.

Therefore, Stock Portfolio Analysis in Excel Spreadsheet this provides the best practices to stock holders.


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