Supply chain management is an interlined structural connection between local area business departments to entire worldwide business connection. This is a typical management system combined many things aside. From integration to globalization, as a manager you must need to know regarding any activity in all business departments. But which area manager lack? So in this post I notice those factors that emphasize in all lined departments. Mostly managers get train with performance management certificate with it.

It’s defining synchronizing plan, which lead planning, to execution and all entire phases.  Booz Allen Hamilton was the man who invent this term by an interview.  Every little detail about company’s product line-up should be flow in streamline, if any abrupt changing in line-up than whole system may effect.

Supply Chain Management: How most managers get it wrong

What to do manager?

  • Every node should be checked each month, department VS department performance
  • Continuously workout on extra expense, short to long term plan and add efficiency
  • Manage customer portfolio according to their geographical location and gender differences
  • Day by day reporting from transportation for inventory management
  • Use tracking project management tools for monitoring entire system with deep eye

That’s why mostly companies train their manager according to understanding latest techniques in supply chain management. So either you are working in logistics department or manage client relationship you need to knows fundamental concept of SCM.


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