If you are landlord of various properties, just click here to view which is the best software for track the entire inventory of house collection and property management regarding expense and profit? Rent management templates and receipts are also added here for the landlords. Top software’s in the market as well as their pricing detail are also mentioned here, so that you are able to select the best for you.

You can easily manage and organize details through listed software’s. Giving various properties on the rent is good source of earning extra income, however, it requires management and owners are required to keep proper record of the commercial and residential property.

Which Landlord Software is best for Property Management?

Property ware

Understanding the expectations of landlords, various software’s are designed with different specifications and features.

Landlord software

  • Property ware is considered a popular choice these days due to its useful features.
  • Organize records of multiple properties by recording details in the documents available in the software.
  • Record maintenance information of your properties effectively and availing related benefits.
  • Monitor paying information of your tenants easily and instantly as well as visualizing other records.
  • You are able to receive rent timely and cheating is impossible.


Another famous choice for the owners is Genkan. It has gained essential fame for the landlords as they are able to set alerts over the payments received from different tenants.


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